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Focused on industrial chains from 3 generations.

EFFE A. BOVIO ITALIAN CHAIN FACTORY enters the market with a three-generation-long history and experience.

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Our History

Our company boasts over 50 years and 3 generations of experience and history in the heavy-duty conveyor chains sector and their applications. It begins with Gianfranco Bovio, formerly in charge of one of the leading chain manufacturing companies, who alongside his son Massimo laid the foundations of the current company.

Over the years, the company has expanded thanks to the acquisition of historical entities such as Catenificio Italiano, formerly Catenificio Italiano Milano, which has been present in the market since the early 1900s with a strong specialization in transmission chains and their applications for light transport through attachments, pushers, protruding pins, or custom-made constructions. The evolution and constant search for innovation with new outlets in different emerging markets lead L’Effe A. Bovio Catenificio Italiano to acquire the expertise of other companies in the sector, thus allowing the acquisition of new processes and construction methodologies.

With the onset of the 2000s and the changing work requirements, the company expands both its warehouse and workshop, employing newly built machines, thus ensuring high flexibility and dynamic response. These exceptional characteristics of dynamism are further enhanced with the addition of Emanuela and Massimo's children: Federico and Andrea. The entry of the third generation allows the company to focus on some key production steps by automating them or revising some processes aimed at improving the entire process both in terms of quality and production efficiency.

New assembly, cutting, and welding lines are thus added, automating each one as much as possible. The management of finished products and semi-finished products is improved thanks to the adoption of automated warehouses aimed at streamlining the management of various orders or individual processes. These key steps have allowed Effe A. Bovio Catenificio Italiano to consolidate its position in the Italian market and increase its presence in the main international markets.

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