1. The Customer may choose how to ship their order using one of the following methods: carriage forward shipment with invoice charge or assigned carriage shipment.

2. In the case of carriage forward shipment with invoice charge, upon receiving the order, the seller will send an email to the email account provided by the Customer, containing the order confirmation which will include the shipping cost of the order based on weight and volume.

3. The Product will be shipped by the Seller, under the following terms: (i) within 3 days of receiving the Order in case of stock availability; (ii) by the date communicated by the Seller in the confirmation phase if the material is no longer available in stock. The aforementioned terms are purely indicative and are not essential terms. The shipment made by the Seller is to a single address to be indicated by the Customer during the online purchase procedure.

4. The delivery time specified in the Order Confirmation is to be considered indicative. Any delays therefore cannot give rise to damages compensation or even partial resolution of the Contract.

5. In case of the Customer's absence at the time of delivery to the indicated address, the courier leaves a notice or contacts the Customer by phone to arrange for a second delivery within the next 72 hours. After this period, the goods will return to the Seller's warehouses, with the corresponding charges borne by the Customer.

6. The Seller is not responsible for failed or delayed delivery due to force majeure events such as, by way of example and not exhaustive: strikes, measures by Public Authorities, rationing or shortage of energy or raw materials, transportation difficulties, fires, floods, earthquakes, inundations, wars, pandemics, insurrections. The Seller will promptly communicate to the Customer the occurrence and cessation of a force majeure event.