Developing and engineering of special chains or adjustments to reach a specifical required target allowed us to enlarge our range of production with tailored productions upon customized requests. Our stocks grown during years to ensure to our customers the best lead and delivery time possible.


Matching and pairing

Transmission chains: with reference to ISO606 where is indicated a discrepancy from theoretical length (-0;+0,15%)

Heavy convey chains: with reference to ISO1977 where is indicated a discrepancy from theoretical length (-0;+0,25%)

On light convey chains: where are applied extended pins, attachments or other spare parts the discrepancy allowed is included between -0% and +0,30%.

Chain length can be measured to check the accuracy of its parts


Special Lubrications

Chains can be greased or oiled and lubricants features can be dived as below:

food grade: is required an H1 certification;

temperature range: you have to consider range of temperature faced by chain during its use. Chains are used in an high temperature environment you have to chose a grease with adhesive features to avoid its soon leakage. If chains are use in cold environments you have to chose a lubricants able to maintain its characteristics and proprieties below zero

Teflon® base: these lubricants creates a thin film surface of lubricant that ensure a constant and durable lubrication and it’s recommend on dirt and dust environments

Chain life largely depends by the type of lubrication used and operate on different ways. The correct choice of lubricants depends also from environmental condition or by the employ of chain.


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