Our range of products covers a wide number and type of items, during the years we’ve been able to acquire local brands with a long past history, skills and dedicated knowhow for specific products.

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Chain drive is one of the most employed and classic mean to transmit power between shafts.
Usually on this application are mainly used roller chains. This choice allows the best performance with a constant speed ratio.
Roller chains are divided in British standard ISO/UNI and American standard ANSI


Light convey chains

It’s an evolution of standard roller chains adapted and configured for uses that allow the convey of other different items.
Roller chains become light conveyor chains when are applied extended pins, attachments, hollow pins or other items used to move a conveyed item by the chain.


Heavy convey chains

The main differences from light convey chains are: dimensions, weight, overall and their capacity.
Due of these features heavy convey chains have a lover speed than light convey chains.
Heavy convey chains can be realized with hollow or extended pins, attachments, special plates or even with scrapers.


Ring chains

It’s the oldest and simplest type of chain still used on many applications.
Ring chains can be used on naval application, urban forniture but can be also adopted other industrial application as scraper conveyor generally employed for ash removal or for submerged scraper conveyors thank to specific systems that connect two different chains.


Forged chains

Drop forged chains represent one of the strongest and wear-resistant solutions on market.
Our drop forged links are built with a dedicated attention on our customer application choosing the most suitable material for links and pins based on application, environmental conditions and features. Scrapers are designed on customer needs for shape, size, assembly frequency and the proper material used.


Accumulation chains

Are used to move carton boxes, pallets and other goods. Lateral rollers runs on dedicated rails while items on free roller can freely moves themselves with no damages.
This kind of convey takes place with a constant speed and always allows the free chain moving.
Free rollers can be made by carbon steel, stainless steel or even by Delrin.


Leaf chains

Leaf chains are composed only by two items: plates and pins. Plates are assembled with different compositions for number and assembly. Are mainly used on lift, lifters, forklift and cranes.


Gripper film chains

This kind of chain is only used for thermoforming film used for food containers and packaging machines.
Gripper chains are mainly used on nickel plated or AISI304 chains while gripper and springs are always only stainless steel made.
Available on pitch 1/2” and 5/8” simplex or double.
There are also some applications where are used chains with milled pointed attachments assembled on outer plates.


Chains with rubber top

Mainly used to convey goods that should not be damaged or need to be moved on a clean surface. Rubber top chains be used for steel/aluminium sheet conveyors, wood machining conveyors or on chipboard panels conveyors.


Special chains

This parts contains all chains realized with a specific application that could not be ensured with something else already on market. These chains are tailored and built upon drawing and with a close collaboration between our technical department and our customers.


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