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Effe A. Bovio Catenificio Italiano has been present for several year on the market with a decennary experience in this business.

The introduction of prestigious brands acquired over the years has allowed us to enlarge our production with new processing customized to the specific need of our clients focused on their specifics systems and machines.

We are able to develop special studies and constructions combined with a specific technical support to offer an high level of quality.

The same philosophy is applied to special gears both for measures and modules as it is for large teeth and module up to 10 or 12. We also supply sprockets and gears with heat treatment, light alloy or cast iron.

Our range of chains comprise ISO and ASA roller chains but also long pitch chains, silent chains, Flyer chains, air transport chains, conveyor chains, Redler chains, double chain flex SP 12 ductile iron, link chains with their pulleys to lift and maneuver. This range is also extended to transporters with custom special attack and chain zipper for bottles conveyors.

Our products range is completed with bearings, belts, grooved pulleys and belt pulleys taper bush.